Going LIVE in 5..4..3..2

Welcome to my Blog! I’m glad you stopped by for a visit.

I’ve always had a passion for writing, throughout my life I’ve
always had a journal, a book, and a pen everywhere that I went.  This blog has been on WordPress for a few
years now but I lacked the motivation and focus to tell the stories that I had written
(or half written). I sat in my house watching the piles of papers, notebooks,
and binders grow higher with ideas and characters that were not seeing the
light of day. It began to nag at my soul, why was I wasting a gift? I feel in
life that we are destined for many things and sometimes we have a talent that
we ignore. We treat it like more of a burden than what it truly is….an opportunity
to be heard. The stories that I’ve written and I write are all over the place
as far as genre. I wouldn’t consider myself a YA Author or an Adult Fiction
writer, because I write it all. When a story pops into my mind and I start to
hear characters voices I tend to allow the story to guide me to the genre where
it will be placed. I dabble in paranormal, romance, horror, etc…but for me the
story is what is most important. The Label….not so much. I hope you enjoy the
stories I post and the things I blog about! Have fun.

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