Books that Influenced me…Part 1

This week I’m going to discuss books that inspired my
writing and love of reading.  I grew upin a time when we constantly heard the phrases “Just Say No” and “Reading is
Fundamental”. I’m not sure if these programs still exist in schools today but I
know they meant a lot to me.  I remember walking out of my classroom on some designated afternoon into

what seemed likethe longest hallway in the world. There were tables covered with stacks of
books just waiting to be rummaged through. I was a big fan of The Babysitters
Club, Sweet Valley High, and Goosebumps. They were often my choices when
picking out my one book for the day. I always found some form of comfort and
adventure when reading. I truly believed a free book was the greatest gift in
the world. The library at school was my refuge. I never wanted to just stay in
the section for my grade level. I always wanted to venture out and discover
more daring and surprising stories.

I was always allowed to research and read whatever I wanted as a child but, it
wasn’t until I was leaving elementary that I discovered another darker genre….Horror.
I was sitting in my living room watching MTV when a special came on about
Vampires.  I had already been fascinated
by Vampires because I watched Fright Night, Vamp, Dracula, and other movies
growing up, but there was something different about the way the lore was
presented by Anne Rice. It was the visual aspect of Interview with The Vampire
that pulled me in at first. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise…and this new guy Antonio
Banderas as these powerful, sexy, demons. There was the longing in Brad Pitt’s
character and the way he portrayed the forever depressed Louis that struck a
chord with me.  After seeing these images
directed by Neil Jordan, I had to run out and purchase the book.  I really just ran out of my room and asked my
mother could she purchase the book.  I
finished reading IWTV in two days. The words Anne Rice used to describe
situations, feelings, and the scenery were like poetry to my soul. I knew from that
moment on that I would love that book forever.  I still own the copy that was purchased for
me. It sits quietly on the shelf waiting to be picked up for a reading every
few years.  I went on to read The Vampire
Lestat, and Queen of the Damned; but those never quite pulled me in like
Interview the Vampire.  I’ve written
vampire stories and I do have one that I plan on posting in the next two weeks.
It was a short that I had written for a Creative Fiction class in college. I’m
thinking about changing the title. I’ll keep you all in the loop.  May your week hold many adventures and

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