Finding Motivation Part 2

Yesterday, I tweeted that I was thinking of publishing some old poems from my teen years. When I was a teen so long ago I was full of anger and hatred….which turned into what a teacher told me was good poetry. Well the 500+page notebook I had been keeping was thrown away (supposedly) by a family member. Although I truly believe she still has it and might give it back on her death bed. Anyway…I managed to salvage some of this writing. At least enough that I could possibly publish it via Pubit or Amazon.
Let’s go back to my notebook being taken. That really killed my poetry fire, or at least brought it to a slow burn. Although we may not like the things our kids write, there is no reason to take their journals. Its better to ask what causes them to feel that way and then write in that manner. I’ve always missed that notebook. I had solid material. Maybe I’ll ask her again if she has it. Maybe I’ll get it back or maybe it really is disintegrated in a landfill somewhere. Oh well…must move forward.

One thought on “Finding Motivation Part 2

  1. That’s so sad. I kept my notebooks from high school, and I would literally be in a depression if something happened to them. I hope they show up, and I fully support publishing what you can find. You never know what could come of it.

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