Finding Motivation Part 3

I decided to ask the person about my notebook again. I didn’t really have hope for it being in this person’s possession. The surprising thing is that the notebook was in her possession but it was empty. I asked what happened to all the poetry and she told me that the writing had upset her so that a lot of it was burned or trashed. 😦 It was painful to hear that my creativity, my feelings, my art had gone downhill like that. All that was left of this particular notebook were the numbered pages of future poems.
On the bright side I did find a large amount of poems that I had typed. AT 15-17 I felt as if I would be the next Nikki, Maya, or Shakespeare. So, I had taken on the task of actually typing some of these poems in Word 95. Lol

I still plan on moving forward with my E-book this fall. I’m really excited. I feel like releasing a book of poetry and a few short stories will introduce me to the reading public while I continue working on “Hunger”.

In other news I finished reading “The Frog King”. I really enjoyed that book and I’ll write a review on it later this week. I am trying to decide what to read next. Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series is on the short list. Any suggestions?

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