The Epistolary Novel

Recently I’ve been working on my first YA novel(Hunger) and its been quite the daunting task. I’ve found 3 separate readers and a few bloggers to review the finished product. I’m really happy about that. While I’ve been working on that story, I’ve had this other story that plays out in my mind at the same time. I heard a quote from somewhere and immediately a story came to mind. When I have sat down to actually write this story, I’ve always had trouble hashing it out. I didn’t know what form I wanted it to be in, or if it would be first person, etc. Then the other week I am looking up info about the book “Youth in Revolt” and come across the term Epistolary. Now I’ve read books written in this form previously but I’ve never thought about actually writing an entire novel in this style. Now I think I can do this and combined it with a more traditional form of writing. I remember when I was a child I had a pen-pal. It was wonderful. She was in Spain, I was in the Midwest. I love letter writing and I wish I had someone to be pen pals with. The feel of the paper between my fingers and the look of the written word means so much to me.
I can’t wait to start this new story!

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