Its Monday & Fear Street was scary

I’m sitting on the train looking out the window and it is so dark outside that I’m unable to see anything on the street. There are small hints of light hanging in the air but the fog that has settled in this area makes everything look sinister. Everyone is so groggy and slow. The energy of the train is still. Not a whisper or a hint of a conversation. When I look out on the dark street I’m immediately transported back to the days when I read Fear Street novels. The covers were the coolest, always something crazy going on in he lives of those hormonal teens. I often wondered why people didn’t just move or condemn Fear street but what’s the fun in that. I’ve never been a horror writer but I’m sure I’ve written scary things at one point or another. Anyway I finished reading Fledgling and More Tales of the city. As much as I would love to review books I feel like it takes me forever to read them. Ordinarily I’d get it done in a week but life doesn’t permit that. What’s everyone working on? I’m still writing….slowly….but still.

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