Something a little funny…


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When I saw this post for “50 Shade of Hay” it made me laugh. I am one of few people I know who has not read 50 Shades of Grey. I am mesmerized by its success in the publishing industry. Did women just fall in love with the main character? Did they see themselves in Anastasia? Maybe one day I will get around to reading it.

4 thoughts on “Something a little funny…

  1. Don’t read it! It’s a complete waste of time! My sister owns the series, so I skimmed through it and it was AWFUL! Not just the writing but the characters. They are very unlikable. Christian is a douche, and Anastasia is a ditz. That about sums them up. The only reason it’s so successful is because of the BDSM sex scenes.

    1. @Anag7 your comment made me laugh. I’ve read the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy which is full on hardcore BDSM. The reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty story was intriguing but some of the aspects really kind of turned my stomach but I kept reading. Maybe that is the motivation for some of the fans of 50 Shades of Grey. Do you think that series became successful because it was on the heels of Twilight ending and it was just a fanfic version of the story?

  2. Who knows? The whole Twilight spin on it is just lame, and I don’t get it. I think that definitely helped it, but the controversial story line is what really sells it.

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