Revisiting stories and other stuff

Revisiting stories and other stuff

I often find myself going through the writings I’ve accumulated over the years. Last week I opened every notebook, binder, and file that I had. There were so many half ideas, full idea, and wtf ideas that I had scribbled on little sheets of paper. I also had paper clippings and stories printed from the internet that sparked some sort of creative flame. When I get an idea I write it down as soon as I can, wherever I can. I’ve been out of practice for a while when it comes to writing religiously but I’ve been working on it. Let me not get off track…

I’ve shelved some previous stories that I thought of using as first novels or novellas and placed my focus on one in particular. I feel like when a writer is creating worlds and lives, the characters step forward and speak to you. They will tell you their story and give you their motivations. I’ve been reading a lot lately and one plot device I’ve seen non-stop is the use of murder of a loved one as motivation. Is there no other way to motivate characters? Why do Mothers, Wives, Fathers, Siblings, and lovers have to be murdered to spark a change? Can puberty or the intense sensation of gas building up flip the switch to the land of werewolfdom? lol I’m kidding.

I’ve started listening to my character from TYAOI(full title to come later) and what she has to say. I’ve decided against using the plot device mentioned above because it is not that kind of book. It is a story of love, longing, and how people can reveal their true selves in the worst way. I’m planning a release for December. That all depends on my writing pace and the notes my editor gives me. Stay tuned… I plan on posting super short, sort of short, or just plaint short fiction in the coming weeks. (AKA… this weekend)

I’m looking for more stories to read. Any suggestions?

Some music for writing

I came across this video again. The visuals and dialogue are awesome. It is nice to see both of them succeeding in their art so many years later. What do you listen to?

Something a little funny…


Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.38.54 PM copy 2

When I saw this post for “50 Shade of Hay” it made me laugh. I am one of few people I know who has not read 50 Shades of Grey. I am mesmerized by its success in the publishing industry. Did women just fall in love with the main character? Did they see themselves in Anastasia? Maybe one day I will get around to reading it.


Currently reading “Savages” by Don Winslow. I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t know if I will. I should be able to post some short fiction in the near future. I am trying trying trying to become a better writer. I shall step out on faith with the land of E-books!

My last post

This isn’t my last post but more of a post talking about my excitement of the last thing I wrote about when I posted last year.  I was planning on reading “Damned” by Chuck P. but I never got around to it because I started reading this book by this French woman and her sex life. I think I’ve picked up an addiction to Biographical novels.

This woman was speaking so casually about her STD infections, gangbangs, anonymous sex, etc. I’ll finish reading that soon and do a review. I have about 100 novels on my Nook, which saves a lot more space than having a 100 novels on my floor.

I’m still working on this whole writing thing in my head. It seems that when life gets hard I can turn to writing to get me through.

Chat with you all soon!

Its Monday & Fear Street was scary

I’m sitting on the train looking out the window and it is so dark outside that I’m unable to see anything on the street. There are small hints of light hanging in the air but the fog that has settled in this area makes everything look sinister. Everyone is so groggy and slow. The energy of the train is still. Not a whisper or a hint of a conversation. When I look out on the dark street I’m immediately transported back to the days when I read Fear Street novels. The covers were the coolest, always something crazy going on in he lives of those hormonal teens. I often wondered why people didn’t just move or condemn Fear street but what’s the fun in that. I’ve never been a horror writer but I’m sure I’ve written scary things at one point or another. Anyway I finished reading Fledgling and More Tales of the city. As much as I would love to review books I feel like it takes me forever to read them. Ordinarily I’d get it done in a week but life doesn’t permit that. What’s everyone working on? I’m still writing….slowly….but still.