The future of things…

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Well… it has almost been a month since I last posted. I’ve been very busy working on this book of poetry. Not really working…more along the lines of organizing these old poems to place in a book. We shall see what happens when I release this thing. The poetry is coming along nicely and if you’re in the mood to revisit some of those feelings you probably experienced as a youngster or may be currently feeling, you can pre-order the art of my youth on Amazon .

Hump day moves…

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The pictures I post will mostly not have a single thing to do with my post. I just want to post photos that hopefully catch your eye.

Sometimes I’d like to think I have something profound to say but other times I just keep my thoughts to myself. I’ll be releasing a book of angsty teen poetry from the late 90’s to the early 00′. Reading my old poetry has been very interesting because each page takes me back to exactly where I was at that time. On to other things…

It has been a very busy week. I’ve marked 2020 as my year to get back to my writing and finish the projects that have sat abandoned on hard drives, pieces of paper, and notebooks that litter my apartment. Every night I come home and I write. I don’t write for anyone in particular although my friend Rena is most def my biggest fan. She hypes me up and tells me to keep writing. I do this for myself and secretly her. Late this week, I’ll post my latest story, Ruby. It is my January offering. This is something I’ll do on a monthly basis. Keep me accountable! Tweet me! Find me on Instagram! Ask me “When are you posting the story of the month?” I welcome it!

New Digs!

I’ve had this website for twelve years! As the new year approached, I started to feel like I needed to revamp for this decade. I’m sure you have noticed the old post are gone. Do not fret! During this new phase I want to introduce new topics, stories, and for those interested in collaborating or representing, screenplays.

I hope you like the new look!

– Gia