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Currently reading “Savages” by Don Winslow. I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t know if I will. I should be able to post some short fiction in the near future. I am trying trying trying to become a better writer. I shall step out on faith with the land of E-books!

Televsion is killing my thought process…..

I’m sitting here watching “Adventure Time” and it is such a funny little psycho show. The humor is quite adult but it’s funny. I’m not sure what type of personality a child would have to “get” some of these jokes. I guess the show is on par with anything that has been geared toward males 18-45. Potty Humor galore. This post isn’t about “Adventure Time’, it’s about my lack of drive to write. I need to focus more despite the fall season starting soon. I won’t get sucked into this time warp of new television cropping up to take away hours of my life. I MUST WRITE!!!!

Finding Motivation

Recently I’ve been finding it hard to motivate myself to write. Some days I am just overwhelmed with all that is on my plate. If I could I would write daily but instead I’ve opted to read daily. 12 hour days don’t leave much time for writing. I’m trying to find a happy balance between all my responsibilities. One day! Since I haven’t quite gotten there, I’m still reading. Currently I’m reading “The Frog KIng” by Adam Davies. Its a good book. I could easily see it becoming a Indie Film and being loved like 500 days of Summer.