My last post

This isn’t my last post but more of a post talking about my excitement of the last thing I wrote about when I posted last year.  I was planning on reading “Damned” by Chuck P. but I never got around to it because I started reading this book by this French woman and her sex life. I think I’ve picked up an addiction to Biographical novels.

This woman was speaking so casually about her STD infections, gangbangs, anonymous sex, etc. I’ll finish reading that soon and do a review. I have about 100 novels on my Nook, which saves a lot more space than having a 100 novels on my floor.

I’m still working on this whole writing thing in my head. It seems that when life gets hard I can turn to writing to get me through.

Chat with you all soon!


The Library is still your friend

I bought an E-reader back in February(TAX TIME) as  a little gift to myself. I’ll discuss the E-reader thing later this week. Recently I haven’t been taking public transportation and the last thing that I completely read on it was “The Frog King” by Adam Davies. The other day I decided I needed to visit the library. I was scrolling through the E-reader collection and using the online catalogue for E-readers, searching for Armisted Maupin and Octavia E. Butler. I wasn’t interested in buying books by either author but I wanted to check them out of the library. Since neither was available for E-book checkout, I had to go into the library to get the physical book. It has been a few months since I’ve been to the library and I couldn’t have missed it more. I am in love with books, the smell of a library is like no other. There is a level of anticipation for me that is greater than a sweet tooth to a sugar addict. I found the books quickly and I couldn’t wait to get home to read them. There is something about the feeling of having the weight of a book in your hand, and turning each page. It was just nice to be in a place that was so familiar and peaceful. It is the only placed filled with emotion and high drama that can be serene at the same time. I love my E-reader as well but there is nothing like the nostalgia of a library.So,  Don’t forget your library and the awesome people who helped you find your first book or introduced you to a story. We are never too busy to turn the page.

This week I’ll be reading Armisted Maupin “More tales of the city” and Octavia E. Butler “Fledgling”. I read “Tales of the city” earlier this year and it was awesome. I wanted to move to San Francisco. Now I want to finish the series and give my thoughts on the books. I’ve never actually read Octavia E. Butler, this will be my first novel of hers that I’m taking on. I do know there is some controversy in regard to the Shori world and messages of abuse. I’m going to place my judgments aside and get my information first hand from the novel. I’ll blog the experience of reading both books over the next two weeks.

If you have any suggestions on new authors or books I should check out, send me a message at

Going LIVE in 5..4..3..2

Welcome to my Blog! I’m glad you stopped by for a visit.

I’ve always had a passion for writing, throughout my life I’ve
always had a journal, a book, and a pen everywhere that I went.  This blog has been on WordPress for a few
years now but I lacked the motivation and focus to tell the stories that I had written
(or half written). I sat in my house watching the piles of papers, notebooks,
and binders grow higher with ideas and characters that were not seeing the
light of day. It began to nag at my soul, why was I wasting a gift? I feel in
life that we are destined for many things and sometimes we have a talent that
we ignore. We treat it like more of a burden than what it truly is….an opportunity
to be heard. The stories that I’ve written and I write are all over the place
as far as genre. I wouldn’t consider myself a YA Author or an Adult Fiction
writer, because I write it all. When a story pops into my mind and I start to
hear characters voices I tend to allow the story to guide me to the genre where
it will be placed. I dabble in paranormal, romance, horror, etc…but for me the
story is what is most important. The Label….not so much. I hope you enjoy the
stories I post and the things I blog about! Have fun.

I’m very excited!!!!

Hello World Citizens!

I’m setting up shop all around the internet. I know its been ages since I’ve actively been writing. Now there is a new fire of inspiration under my feet and I must get moving. I’m so excited to debut a few new stories next week and let you know what I will be working on. On May 16th the site will officially be available. I’ll blog, I’ll joke, I’ll give info and what not. It’s a very free-flowing environment over here in the creative land of Los Angeles. I’m back! Next week I’ll cover my favorite authors, their books, and how they influenced me over time. Can’t wait to chat with you all!