Short Story Saturday or 3S

Most day’s I truly don’t know what to blog about. Life often finds me hitting bumps in the road that prevent me from keeping up with the pace of the internet. Can we ever really keep up that kind of pace as writers or readers?

I would like to get my work out more and engage the readers. I’ve decided that Saturday will be a major day around here. On Wattpad I will continue to update my ongoing story, A Road Under Stars and here I’ll post short stories. The short stories will vary when it comes to subjects but let’s see how Short Story Saturday goes! Stay tuned.


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The Library is still your friend

I bought an E-reader back in February(TAX TIME) as  a little gift to myself. I’ll discuss the E-reader thing later this week. Recently I haven’t been taking public transportation and the last thing that I completely read on it was “The Frog King” by Adam Davies. The other day I decided I needed to visit the library. I was scrolling through the E-reader collection and using the online catalogue for E-readers, searching for Armisted Maupin and Octavia E. Butler. I wasn’t interested in buying books by either author but I wanted to check them out of the library. Since neither was available for E-book checkout, I had to go into the library to get the physical book. It has been a few months since I’ve been to the library and I couldn’t have missed it more. I am in love with books, the smell of a library is like no other. There is a level of anticipation for me that is greater than a sweet tooth to a sugar addict. I found the books quickly and I couldn’t wait to get home to read them. There is something about the feeling of having the weight of a book in your hand, and turning each page. It was just nice to be in a place that was so familiar and peaceful. It is the only placed filled with emotion and high drama that can be serene at the same time. I love my E-reader as well but there is nothing like the nostalgia of a library.So,  Don’t forget your library and the awesome people who helped you find your first book or introduced you to a story. We are never too busy to turn the page.

This week I’ll be reading Armisted Maupin “More tales of the city” and Octavia E. Butler “Fledgling”. I read “Tales of the city” earlier this year and it was awesome. I wanted to move to San Francisco. Now I want to finish the series and give my thoughts on the books. I’ve never actually read Octavia E. Butler, this will be my first novel of hers that I’m taking on. I do know there is some controversy in regard to the Shori world and messages of abuse. I’m going to place my judgments aside and get my information first hand from the novel. I’ll blog the experience of reading both books over the next two weeks.

If you have any suggestions on new authors or books I should check out, send me a message at

Finding Motivation Part 3

I decided to ask the person about my notebook again. I didn’t really have hope for it being in this person’s possession. The surprising thing is that the notebook was in her possession but it was empty. I asked what happened to all the poetry and she told me that the writing had upset her so that a lot of it was burned or trashed. 😦 It was painful to hear that my creativity, my feelings, my art had gone downhill like that. All that was left of this particular notebook were the numbered pages of future poems.
On the bright side I did find a large amount of poems that I had typed. AT 15-17 I felt as if I would be the next Nikki, Maya, or Shakespeare. So, I had taken on the task of actually typing some of these poems in Word 95. Lol

I still plan on moving forward with my E-book this fall. I’m really excited. I feel like releasing a book of poetry and a few short stories will introduce me to the reading public while I continue working on “Hunger”.

In other news I finished reading “The Frog King”. I really enjoyed that book and I’ll write a review on it later this week. I am trying to decide what to read next. Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series is on the short list. Any suggestions?

Still sick

I must apologize for the non-posting activities and silence on Twitter. I am still coughing up a lung like I made a deal with the Cough Devil and didn’t follow through on my end. Its been on for 5 days and my friend has lovingly dubbed it the “Uterus Cough” because he’s convinced that is how deep it is coming from within my body. I’ll be back to my regular scheduled posting next week.

Finding Motivation Part 2

Yesterday, I tweeted that I was thinking of publishing some old poems from my teen years. When I was a teen so long ago I was full of anger and hatred….which turned into what a teacher told me was good poetry. Well the 500+page notebook I had been keeping was thrown away (supposedly) by a family member. Although I truly believe she still has it and might give it back on her death bed. Anyway…I managed to salvage some of this writing. At least enough that I could possibly publish it via Pubit or Amazon.
Let’s go back to my notebook being taken. That really killed my poetry fire, or at least brought it to a slow burn. Although we may not like the things our kids write, there is no reason to take their journals. Its better to ask what causes them to feel that way and then write in that manner. I’ve always missed that notebook. I had solid material. Maybe I’ll ask her again if she has it. Maybe I’ll get it back or maybe it really is disintegrated in a landfill somewhere. Oh well…must move forward.

I’m very excited!!!!

Hello World Citizens!

I’m setting up shop all around the internet. I know its been ages since I’ve actively been writing. Now there is a new fire of inspiration under my feet and I must get moving. I’m so excited to debut a few new stories next week and let you know what I will be working on. On May 16th the site will officially be available. I’ll blog, I’ll joke, I’ll give info and what not. It’s a very free-flowing environment over here in the creative land of Los Angeles. I’m back! Next week I’ll cover my favorite authors, their books, and how they influenced me over time. Can’t wait to chat with you all!