Rape: A Love Story by Joyce Carol Oates

Previously I had posted that I wanted to read 46 books in 46 Days. Well that didn’t happen. I chose a few books and ended up taking the rest back because I decided to go to school. I will read that list of books and I’ve actually finished one… Rape: A Love Story by Joyce Carol Oats

Rape: A Love Story by Joyce Carol OatsI must say that this was a heavy book to read. It is about Martine(Teena) and Bethie Maguire. This book follows the aftermath of a their lives and community after Bethie and her mother Teena are assaulted in a local park. Bethie was spared actual rape but she was not left unscathed by the community or the situation. I read this book in a few days but it renewed my sense of screenwriting. It could be an amazing Indie Film and most definitely Oscar material. Although that isn’t why anyone writes. I wonder why Joyce wrote this book. It left me with a disgusting feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read the words of victim blaming and the desperation of this community to hold these males accountable for what they did to this woman and her daughter. I would recommend this book for its rich and vivid descriptions and the rapid pace of the story. Easy read but very heavy. Next book… Department of Speculation.

46 Books in 46 Days…(Err… Maybe not)

46 Books in 46 Days…(Err… Maybe not)

In honor of National Read A Book day, Buzzfeed posted an article about 46 books that can be read in one day.


I’m going to read the books on this list in 46 days… maybe. Some of them I own, some of them I’ve never heard of but I can’t wait to discover these new stories. The following books will be omitted from this reading session:

Things Fall Apart (Own it, Read it)

The Dig(Not available at the library, will purchase at a later date)

Great Gatsby (Own it, Read it)

The Outsiders (Read it when I was 12, Don’t want to revisit that)

I was excited when I saw the list posted on my Facebook timeline. I’ve been looking for new things to read now that I have some free time. I’m not really in the mood to read 400 page novels. I’m more in a novella kind of mood and this list seemed perfect for me. I’ve already put in a request for 26 of the books at my local library. I’m going to start this journey this week! It will be nice just to sit in a silent house with a book and my imagination. After reading the books I will blog about my thoughts at the end of the week.

I’ve always heard that it is important to read as much as you write and vice versa. I’ve kind of been out of the habit of reading on a daily basis. I’ll pick up a book, put it down… 200 pages can take me 3 months. Why? Because I’ve been wasting my time with television. As some of my favorite shows have come to an end I’ve found myself just working on personal projects and not picking up new shows to watch. My fall roster includes Sons of Anarchy and Boardwalk Empire. Once those two are complete I will replace those hours with reading time and more writing. I’ve been working on my Wattpad story and my first novel. I really hope that I can get it complete for the New Year but we shall see. I put it down last week and I haven’t picked that baby up again. Ahhh! I’ll get on it and I’ll provide updates.

Hope you enjoy the list!


Fledgling By Octavia E. Butler………..

About two weeks ago I picked up “Fledgling” from the local library. I had previously read the blog post over at www.womanist-musings.com early this year about this book. I had been aware of Ms. Butler’s writing but I can’t say I’m a huge sci-fi fan. I won’t even attempt to get deep into the realm of the social issues that ran rampant throughout the book. I’ll just stick to my opinion of the story and what I was expecting. I had no prior knowledge of Ms. Butler’s writing style, I had never read any of her books although I had received recommendations to read other works she had written. I am a big fan of vampire stories, I even let myself read a few Vampiric romance novels over the summer. What better mix than sex and vampires, right?

When I picked up “Fledgling” I knew it was a vampire novel, and that’s why I chose it as my first book to read in the collection. It’s a stand alone novel and a very simple story about losing everything and starting over. The story centers around Shori, who is a 53-year-old child vampire. She was not bitten in the traditional sense to change into a vampire, this is the way she was born. Technically she is not fully a vampire because she is half human. I suppose you can say Shori, is a biracial child although she physically looks to be Black. What I gathered from the book the vampires only seem to be White and from Eastern Europe.  Shori, wakes up in a cave without any sense of who she is. She meets a guy named Wright who I assumed to be older than his 23 years but he isn’t. Oh, let me not forget. Shori looks like an 11-year-old child, she is not some woman/child hybrid. She looks like a child, is considered a child by all standards both Ina/Human.(The Ina are Vampires). Shori, really gets her freak on throughout the book. The sexualization of Shori was odd and a bit bothersome as I continued to read the book. I honestly wanted to return the book but I have a habit of finishing everything I start even if it feels like I’m plucking my eyebrows off hair by hair.

Shori, has been wronged in many ways. Her entire family is murdered, her mother, father, brothers, sisters, and symbionts. The Symbionts are the people bound to a specific Ina through the exchange of blood and chemicals. Once they were bound to an Ina they will literally die without them.(eye-roll) I really wanted to like this book and fall in love with the characters. It just read like a newspaper story or some historical text in school. I was left with a lot of questions about the characters and the history of the Ina cultures. I tried to get a few friends to read it with me but the one that went to check it out of the library gave up on it within the first two chapters. I want to give a further critique of the book but I just don’t want to waste anymore time on this one. Next week I’ll cover More Tales of the City.

The Library is still your friend

I bought an E-reader back in February(TAX TIME) as  a little gift to myself. I’ll discuss the E-reader thing later this week. Recently I haven’t been taking public transportation and the last thing that I completely read on it was “The Frog King” by Adam Davies. The other day I decided I needed to visit the library. I was scrolling through the E-reader collection and using the online catalogue for E-readers, searching for Armisted Maupin and Octavia E. Butler. I wasn’t interested in buying books by either author but I wanted to check them out of the library. Since neither was available for E-book checkout, I had to go into the library to get the physical book. It has been a few months since I’ve been to the library and I couldn’t have missed it more. I am in love with books, the smell of a library is like no other. There is a level of anticipation for me that is greater than a sweet tooth to a sugar addict. I found the books quickly and I couldn’t wait to get home to read them. There is something about the feeling of having the weight of a book in your hand, and turning each page. It was just nice to be in a place that was so familiar and peaceful. It is the only placed filled with emotion and high drama that can be serene at the same time. I love my E-reader as well but there is nothing like the nostalgia of a library.So,  Don’t forget your library and the awesome people who helped you find your first book or introduced you to a story. We are never too busy to turn the page.

This week I’ll be reading Armisted Maupin “More tales of the city” and Octavia E. Butler “Fledgling”. I read “Tales of the city” earlier this year and it was awesome. I wanted to move to San Francisco. Now I want to finish the series and give my thoughts on the books. I’ve never actually read Octavia E. Butler, this will be my first novel of hers that I’m taking on. I do know there is some controversy in regard to the Shori world and messages of abuse. I’m going to place my judgments aside and get my information first hand from the novel. I’ll blog the experience of reading both books over the next two weeks.

If you have any suggestions on new authors or books I should check out, send me a message at giamajune@yahoo.com

Finding Motivation

Recently I’ve been finding it hard to motivate myself to write. Some days I am just overwhelmed with all that is on my plate. If I could I would write daily but instead I’ve opted to read daily. 12 hour days don’t leave much time for writing. I’m trying to find a happy balance between all my responsibilities. One day! Since I haven’t quite gotten there, I’m still reading. Currently I’m reading “The Frog KIng” by Adam Davies. Its a good book. I could easily see it becoming a Indie Film and being loved like 500 days of Summer.