Music to write to…

HAIM really gives me shades of Wilson Phillips. I think they are really talented and this song really speaks to a relationship that lasted way too long. I love the album version of this song but this acoustic version really showcases their musical talent. This is on rotation on my writing playlist. What’s on your playlist?


Reaching goals and making things happen

Reaching goals and making things happen

I did it! I have started my own serialized story on Wattpad. I originally wanted to post it around 6 p.m. last night but I ordered pizza from this great place called Masa in Echo Park. You know… Deep Dish takes a while to eat when it can feed 3 people and you’re eating it by yourself because everyone else is complaining about the amount of cheese and bread. It was the veggie option so it was healthy. (Don’t judge).

This is a very big thing for me personally because I can be a very lazy writer. I’m still jotting down ideas that have never been more than a few sentences and debating on whether or not to expand stories from 1996. Yesterday was momentous, I had finally done what I had never done before. I put my writing out there. Yay to making things happen.Using Wattpad is a way for me to be accountable for my writing. If I know people are reading then I will make sure I post every week or maybe every three days depending on the story flow. What I’ve posted is approximately 5 pages of writing and 1800 words. A short read that will be updated like a soap opera on a weekly basis. The story is about a young girl named Jenna. She’s months shy of her 18th birthday when tragedy strikes her family. The events set into motion a chain reaction that will change the course of her life. She may find herself reluctantly in the arms of a young man that is wanted by the world but only wants her. We’ll see how it plays out.  I don’t like to pigeon hole myself and say I’m a romance writer or any other label, because I write all types of stories. I don’t think there is anything wrong with labels but I don’t always have stories that fit just one. Either way you can find it over at Wattpad! Look for updates on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. Thanks for the support!

Check is out:

The Road Under Stars



Revisiting stories and other stuff

Revisiting stories and other stuff

I often find myself going through the writings I’ve accumulated over the years. Last week I opened every notebook, binder, and file that I had. There were so many half ideas, full idea, and wtf ideas that I had scribbled on little sheets of paper. I also had paper clippings and stories printed from the internet that sparked some sort of creative flame. When I get an idea I write it down as soon as I can, wherever I can. I’ve been out of practice for a while when it comes to writing religiously but I’ve been working on it. Let me not get off track…

I’ve shelved some previous stories that I thought of using as first novels or novellas and placed my focus on one in particular. I feel like when a writer is creating worlds and lives, the characters step forward and speak to you. They will tell you their story and give you their motivations. I’ve been reading a lot lately and one plot device I’ve seen non-stop is the use of murder of a loved one as motivation. Is there no other way to motivate characters? Why do Mothers, Wives, Fathers, Siblings, and lovers have to be murdered to spark a change? Can puberty or the intense sensation of gas building up flip the switch to the land of werewolfdom? lol I’m kidding.

I’ve started listening to my character from TYAOI(full title to come later) and what she has to say. I’ve decided against using the plot device mentioned above because it is not that kind of book. It is a story of love, longing, and how people can reveal their true selves in the worst way. I’m planning a release for December. That all depends on my writing pace and the notes my editor gives me. Stay tuned… I plan on posting super short, sort of short, or just plaint short fiction in the coming weeks. (AKA… this weekend)

I’m looking for more stories to read. Any suggestions?

Its Monday & Fear Street was scary

I’m sitting on the train looking out the window and it is so dark outside that I’m unable to see anything on the street. There are small hints of light hanging in the air but the fog that has settled in this area makes everything look sinister. Everyone is so groggy and slow. The energy of the train is still. Not a whisper or a hint of a conversation. When I look out on the dark street I’m immediately transported back to the days when I read Fear Street novels. The covers were the coolest, always something crazy going on in he lives of those hormonal teens. I often wondered why people didn’t just move or condemn Fear street but what’s the fun in that. I’ve never been a horror writer but I’m sure I’ve written scary things at one point or another. Anyway I finished reading Fledgling and More Tales of the city. As much as I would love to review books I feel like it takes me forever to read them. Ordinarily I’d get it done in a week but life doesn’t permit that. What’s everyone working on? I’m still writing….slowly….but still.

Televsion is killing my thought process…..

I’m sitting here watching “Adventure Time” and it is such a funny little psycho show. The humor is quite adult but it’s funny. I’m not sure what type of personality a child would have to “get” some of these jokes. I guess the show is on par with anything that has been geared toward males 18-45. Potty Humor galore. This post isn’t about “Adventure Time’, it’s about my lack of drive to write. I need to focus more despite the fall season starting soon. I won’t get sucked into this time warp of new television cropping up to take away hours of my life. I MUST WRITE!!!!

The Library is still your friend

I bought an E-reader back in February(TAX TIME) as  a little gift to myself. I’ll discuss the E-reader thing later this week. Recently I haven’t been taking public transportation and the last thing that I completely read on it was “The Frog King” by Adam Davies. The other day I decided I needed to visit the library. I was scrolling through the E-reader collection and using the online catalogue for E-readers, searching for Armisted Maupin and Octavia E. Butler. I wasn’t interested in buying books by either author but I wanted to check them out of the library. Since neither was available for E-book checkout, I had to go into the library to get the physical book. It has been a few months since I’ve been to the library and I couldn’t have missed it more. I am in love with books, the smell of a library is like no other. There is a level of anticipation for me that is greater than a sweet tooth to a sugar addict. I found the books quickly and I couldn’t wait to get home to read them. There is something about the feeling of having the weight of a book in your hand, and turning each page. It was just nice to be in a place that was so familiar and peaceful. It is the only placed filled with emotion and high drama that can be serene at the same time. I love my E-reader as well but there is nothing like the nostalgia of a library.So,  Don’t forget your library and the awesome people who helped you find your first book or introduced you to a story. We are never too busy to turn the page.

This week I’ll be reading Armisted Maupin “More tales of the city” and Octavia E. Butler “Fledgling”. I read “Tales of the city” earlier this year and it was awesome. I wanted to move to San Francisco. Now I want to finish the series and give my thoughts on the books. I’ve never actually read Octavia E. Butler, this will be my first novel of hers that I’m taking on. I do know there is some controversy in regard to the Shori world and messages of abuse. I’m going to place my judgments aside and get my information first hand from the novel. I’ll blog the experience of reading both books over the next two weeks.

If you have any suggestions on new authors or books I should check out, send me a message at

Finding Motivation Part 3

I decided to ask the person about my notebook again. I didn’t really have hope for it being in this person’s possession. The surprising thing is that the notebook was in her possession but it was empty. I asked what happened to all the poetry and she told me that the writing had upset her so that a lot of it was burned or trashed. 😦 It was painful to hear that my creativity, my feelings, my art had gone downhill like that. All that was left of this particular notebook were the numbered pages of future poems.
On the bright side I did find a large amount of poems that I had typed. AT 15-17 I felt as if I would be the next Nikki, Maya, or Shakespeare. So, I had taken on the task of actually typing some of these poems in Word 95. Lol

I still plan on moving forward with my E-book this fall. I’m really excited. I feel like releasing a book of poetry and a few short stories will introduce me to the reading public while I continue working on “Hunger”.

In other news I finished reading “The Frog King”. I really enjoyed that book and I’ll write a review on it later this week. I am trying to decide what to read next. Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” series is on the short list. Any suggestions?